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Pragmatic Play Slots with the Highest RTP


In modern times, video slot games rule the roost of the online gaming universe. Slots are now created with vivid and varying themes, rewarding features, and engaging audiovisual elements, which quite frankly leave us spoilt for choice when choosing our very own winning wonder of a game. However, it’s not the theme nor the graphics that will dictate whether a player’s chosen slot will prove profitable or not, which is why it’s worth pondering the risk and reward factors before playing. 

When navigating the mechanics of the online casino world, it’s pivotal to understand the game’s key components and how this will prove beneficial for any player embarking on regular slot journeys.  

The critical components of the game are, in fact, the driving force, which acts as a prompt for us to decide if we should tackle any one slot and considering the positive outcomes and potential risks in equal measure is key to maximising your winning potential. 

It should come as no surprise that RTP percentage and the game’s volatility hold a great deal of power when the two are combined since they shine the guiding light on whether you should be all in or all out with your slot choices. 

Slot RTP at a glance 

The RTP refers to the ‘ return to player ‘ percentage within a slot, outwardly revealing the winning potential of the game and the payouts that can be generated throughout any slot experience. Essentially, the RTP measures the likelihood of gaining a numerical return. To simplify, the RTP can be calculated by dividing the total return by the player’s total wager.    

Slot Volatility at a glance 

The volatility refers to the level of risk incurred when playing any slot game. It will often appear as low, medium, or high. The slots which have higher volatility generally reward players with more fantastic prizes. However, the likelihood of this happening is rare in comparison to its lower counterparts, which award minor prizes more frequently. 

Highest RTP slots by Pragmatic Play 

Why not discover some of the top high-volatility slots from Pragmatic Play’s hall of fame. There’s some old and some new: 


When considering successful outcomes after playing any slot, it’s worth noting that a great deal of risk and luck is required to make a significant return in any online gaming venture. Since all games are tested and designed to reward fairly, thanks to the RNG process during a single spin, it means that a player’s chances of winning may take place at random but will always be equal. Gambling responsibly is essential since even any game’s high-risk, high-reward structure could release a substantial payout or a substantial loss. Opting for video slots with higher payouts may still be a wiser choice since when you land the rewards, they offer highly significant prizes.  

Here at Social Tournaments, we have a lot of free tournaments for money with slots with various RTPs and volatility. Keep an eye on our tournaments and choose the one you like the most!