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General Queries 

  • What is Social Tournaments? is an exciting and engaging social gambling platform where players can join for free and win real money playing online slot games – we are not talking nickels and dimes; we are talking about a monthly prize pool of over €40.000! This platform is dedicated to those that want to try their luck at real online slot games and compete in a safe and reputable environment with other like-minded individuals. 


  • Who can join a tournament?

Anyone aged 18 and over can join a tournament. However, there may be some restrictions based on your location – is currently NOT available in the US (Washington, Idaho, Nevada), UK, India, Australia, Romania, Ukraine, Malta, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Serbia, Iran, North Korea, Antigua and Barbuda, Montenegro. This list may include additional territories from time to time.

If you reside in any other location, are aged over 18, and own either a bank account or a valid e-wallet with Skrill or Neteller, you would be able to join the growing community behind; for a chance to win real cash prizes! 


  • Am I allowed to have multiple accounts on the same IP address? prohibits using multiple accounts – this decision was taken to keep the playing field as fair and secure as possible. 

On the other hand, we understand that sometimes multiple members of the same household (i.e., using the same IP address) will compete in our tournaments. To prevent the system from automatically flagging your accounts as duplicates, we advise you to contact us by email at support[at] to verify.  


  • What documents do I need to verify my account?

To verify and validate your account for a payout, we require the following documents: 

  • Proof of address – this can be a recent bill that was addressed to you at your current location, a bank statement, or government-issued documents that shows your name and complete address. These documents need to have been issued within the last 90 days. 
  • Proof of payment method – Screenshot of your e-wallet to ensure that we are sending the prize to the correct account. Please include a screenshot where your full name and bank account number are visible if you prefer a bank wire. If you selected casino option, please send a screenshot of your casino account profile where your username is visible. 
  • Copy of your ID, passport, or driver’s license to ensure that you are over 18. 

Please email these documents to kyc[at]

Refer to our Winner’s Guide to know more. Please be aware that prizes for unverified accounts are automatically forfeited if not claimed within 14 days, counting from the day the tournament ended. Please verify your KYC status and make sure you’re all set to receive your prize. We’d also like to mention that reviewing the documents below might take up to 4 (four) weeks.


  • What happens if a tournament gets cancelled?

This may happen in rare cases if something needs fixing or updating. We can always expect a technical glitch from time to time.  

If it does happen, all players will be notified by email as quickly as possible and will explain the change of circumstances. Furthermore, we will create another tournament to replace the cancelled one. 


  • Why does it take so long for the leaderboard to be validated?

One of our main priorities is keeping the playing field safe and accurate. To do this, we employ multiple anti-cheat systems, which can take time when it comes to updating the leaderboard. 

If your hands are clean, you have absolutely nothing to worry! Please give it a bit of time, and the result will soon be displayed on the website. 


  • I won! When will I receive the prize?

Congratulations! The payout process can take up to 2 weeks, starting from when your account and spot on the leaderboard are verified and validated. 

Please note that we process payments once per week, either on a Wednesday or Thursday – if you have sent the necessary documents and these have been validated, then keep an eye out for your prize during these days. 

We strive to be as efficient as possible when dispensing the prizes, but since we are dealing with international transfers, your payout can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. 


  • What are the requirements for a payout?

For you to receive the prize, we need to make sure that you own a valid e-wallet on Skrill or Neteller in your name! No borrowed accounts will be accepted. The conditions for joining the tournament still apply. 

If your account and payment methods were not previously verified, you would receive an email with instructions on how to proceed based on your payout preferences: 

  • If you prefer using your Skrill or Neteller account to cash in on your prize, you need to reply to the email with a screenshot of your e-wallet where your email address and full name are visible. 
  • If you would rather receive your prize through a bank transfer, you need to reply to the email with a screenshot where your bank account and full name are visible. 

You need to provide these documents once and will only be required to repeat the process if you change your payout preferences. 

Refer to our Winner’s Guide to know more. 


  • I’ve accidentally provided the wrong payment details! Help! Do I lose out on the payout? 

Don’t panic! Send an email to us as quickly as possible at support[at], and we will help you correct any errors in your payment details. 


  • I won but I never received any emails informing me how to proceed! What do I do?

Before anything else, make sure you check the spam/unwanted folder on your email platform. From our experience, this solves 90% of all missing email issues! If you still cannot find it, you can contact us atsupport[at] 


  • I want to refer my friends to join Social Tournaments. How can I do that? 

We are glad that you are enjoying this platform and would like to refer your friends! Click on our Referral Guide to know more. Let’s see what the perks are in store for you and your buddy!  


  • Where can I get my referral link? 

You can copy your unique URL at the Buddy Pass page and send the link to your friends. They just need to clink on your link and register. It’s as simple as that! 


  • There are so many tournaments available, I am confused. Help! 

There are different types of tournaments available to keep things interesting. Each tournament will bring you closer to the cash prizes. If you would like to know more about the tournament types available, have a read on our Tournament Guide. 


Social Tournaments Store


  • How do I purchase items in the store?

To purchase items in the Store, you use Social Tournaments’ currency, Coins. 


  • What can I purchase in the store?

You can buy Lootboxes, Tickets for Tournaments, Merchandise, and other cool stuff! 


  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind or clicked by mistake?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible.


  • Can I buy items in the Store for my friend?

No, you can only use your Coins to purchase items for yourself.


  • Will the Store be updated with new items?

Yes! The store will continuously be updated with cool and fresh new items!



  • What are Coins?

Coins are the currency used on Social Tournaments to purchase items in our fantastic Store! You can also use it to enter the Coins Buy-In Progressive Tournament to win more Coins! 


  • How do I get Coins?

Coins are obtainable through tournaments, the daily login program, Prize Wheels and the Social Pass rewards. 


  • Can I give Coins to my friend?

No, you can only use the coins for yourself to buy items in the Store. 


  • Can I exchange my Coins for real money?

No, you can only use your Coins in the Social Tournaments store.


  • Can I buy Coins for real money?

No, coins cannot be bought. It can only be obtained through tournaments, a daily login program, Prize Wheels, and a social pass. 


Coins Rain

  • What is Coins Rain? 

Coins Rain is a dynamic feature where a portion of all coins spent by players within the Social Tournaments product contributes towards a shared pool. This pool randomly drops throughout the day, offering eligible users the chance to win a portion of the accumulated coins.


  • How do I qualify for Coins Rain? 

To participate, simply spend any amount of coins within the Social Tournaments product. A fraction of the coins you spend will be added to the overall Coins Rain pool, making you eligible for potential winnings.


  • What can I win when the Coins Rain pool drops? 

When the Coins Rain pool drops, winners are awarded random amounts of coins as prizes. These coins are specific to Social Tournaments and cannot be converted to cash or withdrawn. They are solely for use within the product.


  • Which coin purchases will make me eligible for Coins Rain? 

You become eligible for Coins Rain by engaging in any of the following transactions within the Social Tournaments platform: 

  • Purchases made in the Social Tournaments store. 
  • Participation in Coins buy-in tournaments and duels.


  • How often will the Coins Rain pool drop? 

The timing of the Coins Rain drop is entirely random. Keep an eye on the coins meter to gauge how close a drop may be.


  • If I spend more coins will I win a bigger portion of the pool? 

No, the distribution of Coins Rain is completely random among all eligible players, regardless of the amount spent.


  • How do I know I’ve won anything from the drop? 

You can easily track your Coins Rain winnings by checking your Coins Rain History page. Additionally, your Social Tournaments coin balance will be automatically updated to reflect any winnings you’ve acquired.


  • Can I buy coins with real money in order to spend it in Social Tournaments? 

No, purchasing coins with real money is not possible within Social Tournaments. The platform operates on a free-to-play model and does not facilitate incoming transactions involving real currency. Coins can only be obtained through daily login rewards and from participating in various tournaments that award coins as leaderboard prizes.



Prize Wheels


  • How can I get a spin on a Prize Wheel?

The Prize Wheel can be bought in our Store or rewarded through the Daily login program. 


  • What can I win on the Prize Wheel?

You can win everything from Tournament tickets, Coins, Lootboxes to free Cash Prizes or an upgraded Prize Wheel. 


  • Can I give a spin on a Prize Wheel to a friend?

No, the Prize Wheels are bound to your account and cannot be gifted to others. 


  • Can I exchange my won item to something else?

No, items won cannot be exchanged for something else. 




  • What is the raffle? 

The raffle is a new feature launched for the first time during the 2 million Euros paid out celebration. Similar to the lottery, winning tickets are drawn at random by bots, and everyone has a chance to win multiple prizes from the raffle.


  • How to get a raffle ticket? 

You can get raffle tickets by simply logging in and playing slot tournaments. We will announce the criteria to earn raffle tickets through our articles, newsletter, and social media platforms. Soon, you can even buy as many raffle tickets as you want at the store to increase your chances of winning.


  • When will there be a raffle event? 

We started the first raffle for special occasions, but it may become a feature to be used more often in the future. 


  • Where can I see my raffle tickets? 

All your raffle tickets are shown in your Collections. The “Collections” tab can be found under Social Pass menu or by clicking on your Avatar.


  • How does the ticket look like? 

Each raffle ticket is unique, made up with a combination of alphabets and numbers. The event name will be written under the ticket so that you know where to use it at a glance.



  • Can I win more than one prize? 

Yes, you can, if you are lucky. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance of winning. When a prize winner is determined, only the winning ticket number is removed from the drawing pool. The remaining tickets that you have are still in the drawing pool.


  • When does the raffle draw happen and where can I see the result? 

We will announce the date and time of the draw through our articles, newsletter and social media platforms. Players can watch the live draw on Social Tournaments by clicking the “Raffle” tab at the menu bar. Draw will begin from the lowest rank prize. Username, winning ticket number and prizes won will be shown in this page.


  • How do I know if I win something in the raffle? 

If you own a winning ticket, you will see a trophy icon on the winning ticket and the prize won. You can also search for your username at the Raffle results page. 




If you have any further questions or concerns, you can always contact us at support[at]

Don’t be shy, we are always happy to hear from our players!