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How to make it into the Social Tournaments Hall of Fame


Are you the hottest slotter of them all? Do you want your name to be sitting in the Social Tournaments Hall of Fame? Ready for the gaming world to know your name, then here’s what you need to know… 

The Hall of Fame is a mighty leaderboard where only the players who have reached the highest Social Pass rank, the biggest multiplier or the biggest score can make it. Think of it as a digital, slot-touched Hollywood Walk of Fame – only the 50 crème de la crème players will see their names here. 

Social Tournaments Hall of Fame

There are three critical factors to consider when fighting for a spot at the table of Social Tournaments fame: 

  • Social pass rank – Players’ job is to collect points to reach a higher rank – the more the points, the higher the rank. Points can be collected by completing the daily, weekly, and monthly missions – simple as that.  
  • The highest scores achieved – Getting the highest win in a tournament might impact your position on the leaderboard greatly, and, who knows, it might actually get you up in the top 50  
  • The highest multiplier achieved – Hitting a big multiplier in a Multiplier Tournament is another way to ensure your position on the leaderboard is as high as possible. 

Now that you’ve noted the fantastic three, it’s all about how you will apply these to your regular gameplay. You have a fair chance of making it into any of the three active top 50 lists, or if you’re lucky, might just slide into the front row, where the top 3 winners stand in the spotlight.

Top tips to make it to the top 50 

  • Start completing Social Pass challenges and one-time missions. There are several daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to complete for you to start ranking on your Social Pass meter. This is the first significant step to increase your ranking and accumulate points. 
  • Stay engaged and stay active – play moreslot tournament online. There’s a choice of daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments to choose from, all of which can help you achieve more points and a higher overall ranking. 
  • Play more and more video slots to achieve higher multiplier wins and a higher overall score which can lead you right in the top 50 list. Keep an eye on the Social Pass page and watch in wonder as your progress meter and points increase. Sometimes, you’ll gain spins, and sometimes you’ll lose spins, but either way, you will be rewarded with more and more points. 

Ready to claim champion status? Then it’s time to get your slot on!