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How to Choose a Slot Tournament at Social Tournaments

With so many events happening at Social Tournaments each day, it can be tough deciding which ones you’d like to join in on. Whether you’re new or a seasoned player with us, we’d like to make things a bit easier especially when deciding which tournament is for you – so let’s take a look at all we have on offer, so you have all the details you need to get spinning and winning right here! 

Monthly Slot Tournaments 

If you’re looking for a longer gameplay experience that allows you to spread out playing over the course of a longer period of time, the Monthly Slot Tournaments on offer are perfect for you! With Cash Prizes and Lootboxes being awarded to the winners, all you need to enter is a Golden Ticket – which can be bought in our online store or won in one of our qualifying Slot Tournaments. These tournaments are Total Win and Bonus Buy Total Win Tournaments, which mean that just like a regular online slot game, you’ll have a number of spins and a fixed bet level with your final score being what you win during the course of the game. More about tournaments mechanics in our Tournament Guide. 

Daily Slot Tournaments 

For in the moment action and for those who want a bit of a change each day, our Daily Tournaments offer epic Cash Prizes, Lootboxes, and Coins. These tournaments are Free to enter and take place every 6 hours – which means you have the chance to win it big more than once a day! Wins in these kinds of tournaments are Total Win, Multiplier Win which is the highest multiplier you got during gameplay, or Mission Win which gets players to reach small milestones while playing – and then being rewarded based on this. 

Golden Ticket Slot Tournaments 

Taking place 4 times per day the Golden Ticket Tournaments offer Lootboxes, Coins, – and you guessed it, Golden Tickets as prizes. Entry is Free and can be played to win coveted Golden Tickets to some of our top Tournaments on offer. Wins are awarded for Total win, Multiplier Win, and Mission wins with this slot tournament as well. 

Weekly Finals Slot Tournaments 

Each Sunday these slot tournaments take the centre stage for one day only! With Cash Prizes and Coins up for grabs, entry is done with a Weekly Final Ticket which can be bought at the Social Tournaments online store for a Total Win experience on some of Pragmatic Play’s best online slots exclusively for our players! 

Weekly Qualifier Slot Tournaments 

Another one of our events that take place 4 times per day is the Weekly Qualifier Tournaments on offer. With Weekly Final Tickets, Weekly Final Lootboxes, and Coins up for grabs in this total Win, Multiplier Win, or Mission slot tournament! Entry is Free so you stand the chance of increasing your Social Tournaments playing balances – and at no cost to you! 

Special Slot Tournaments 

When Social Tournaments hosts special events such as Halloween, or Christmas – Special Tournaments come into play for you to try your luck at winning Cash Prizes, Lootboxes, and Coins. These events are often Free to enter and take place during specific time frames that are mentioned on our website. All you need to do to get in on this Total and Multiplier Win tournament is keep an eye out for any details on our News page or subscribe to receive our weekly Newsletters. 

Coins Buy-In Progressive Slot Tournaments 

With these tournaments taking place each day, you can gain entry using coins with the Progressive feature coming into play with the Total Win or Multiplier Win awarding players who win in coins. The more entries, the higher the payouts with this fantastic slot! 

Monday to Friday Slot Tournaments 

For the Monday to Friday Slot Tournaments, you’ll need a corresponding Weekday Ticket to enter. With a tournament taking place each day, you stand to win Cash Prizes, Lootboxes, and Coins on some of the best Pragmatic Games. Each day of the week has a corresponding Ticket that matches the tournament for that day so you can purchase them in store for that particular day and get spinning to win your share of fantastic prizes! 

Turbo Slot Tournaments 

Another slot tournament that takes place when we host special events, means you either gain Free Entry, or using a Ticket. Prizes include Final Tickets and Cash Prizes for a Total win with this speedy and exciting slot tournament! 

NewBie Slot Tournaments 

For all our new members we host a NewBie Slot Tournament so that they get better acquainted with how things work here at Social Tournaments. This tournament gives our new players a chance to win cash prizes, with entry exclusively Free for newly registered players of the week. 

Buddy Pass Slot Tournaments 

To gain access to this exclusive tournament all you need to do is refer a friend to the Social Tournaments website, have them register an account and verify their account before being awarded with spectacular benefits – of which one of them includes this tournament! Taking place every alternate Saturday with Cash Prizes and Coins up for grabs, use your Buddy Pass Ticket for this Total Win tournament – for the players who put “social” in Social Tournaments! Read more about the Buddy System in our dedicated guide. 

With various slot tournaments on offer, you can decide which one will best suit you. From Monthly Tournaments that take place over a 30-day period, to quicker Daily Slot Tournaments taking place every 6 hours. With each of these played on Pragmatic Play’s top slots, you’re treated to a gameplay experience that transports you into the magic of the online slot world they have to offer – and with the best Prizes up for grabs! So which slot tournament will you choose today?!