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Bigger Prizes in Our Daily Slot Tournaments!

If you are a frequent player on Social Tournaments, and we hope you are, you must know about our Daily Tournaments, or as we like to call them, our Daily Delights! These are slot tournaments running on a daily basis, with prizes ranging from money prizes to coins and lootboxes. Read on to find out more! 

Daily Free Slot Tournaments – Prize Pool Increase! 

Like most of our slot tournaments, these come with a prize pool in money and item awards. This way, up until now, the daily total prize pool was €1000 divided between four slot tournaments as follows: €200 for three and €400 for one tournament. Being such a star in our portfolio, we thought it was time to up the prize pool here as well, so we brought the total prize pool to a smashing €1400 – €300 for three tournaments and €500 for the remaining one!  

Daily Free Online Slot Tournaments – How They Work 

Represented in our Tournament Schedule by a green lightning bolt, our daily online slot tournaments are what we like to call our standard tournaments – meaning that if you are a new player, it’s probably a good idea to give these tournaments a spin, as they have a straightforward mechanism after you played the Newbie Tournament, of course. 

The daily slot tournaments are free to join and run for 6 hours, which means you’ll have a new daily slot tournament every 6 hours. In terms of mechanisms, you can find these tournaments with the Total Win, Multiplier Win, and Mission mechanics. Also, besides the money prize pool which has been increased, the daily slot tournaments come with coins and lootboxes as awards! You can find out more about the Daily Tournaments or any of our tournaments in the Tournament Guide. 

Our daily slot tournament has been growing in our portfolio since its launch, awarding more and more players every day! Now, with an increased prize pool, you have more chances to win while playing some of the best Pragmatic Play slots, especially since they’re free to join!