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Luck’s on your side with the new Lucky Losers Slot Tournament!

There are days when all lucky stars seem to shine only for you while playing slot tournaments, and there are days when you just can’t shake off that dry hand. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we designed the Lucky Losers tournament. We know the name might confuse you, but it’s truly representative of what the tournament does: it aims to turn the luck around for those who haven’t had any winnings lately! Let’s see what this tournament is all about! 

Lucky Losers Slot Tournament – A Turning Your Luck Around Mechanism 

Think of the Lucky Losers Tournament as a garden where all those who didn’t rank higher in our leaderboards find a place to jinx their luck!  

The Lucky Losers Slot Tournament takes place every Monday and runs for 24 hours – nothing out of the ordinary so far, right? The interesting part is the entry requirements: only players who didn’t win any cash prizes in the past week (Monday – Sunday) can join.  

The key words here are ‘cash prizes’. If you won anything in the past week, lootbox, coins, or ticket, you will still be eligible for the Lucky Losers Slot Tournament. We want to give an extra shot to players for whom luck hasn’t been that friendly lately. And, what’s more, the prize pool unlucky players will be spinning for is €1000 – a pretty neat comeback, right? 

Recognising this slot tournament in our Tournament Schedule is pretty easy – just look for the 4-leaf clover section. As you can see, we’re trying to break the unlucky streak off with everything in our power. 

So, if you’re experiencing unlucky hands, go over to our schedule and give our Lucky Losers Tournament a try – who knows? Maybe the stars will shift, and you’ll get a money prize after all!