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Happy World Water Day with these Pragmatic Games!

Held every year on Match 22nd, World Water Day is celebrated all over the world to highlight the need for safe and accessible water. This year we’ve decided to get in on the celebrations in true Social Tournaments style, by showing you top Pragmatic Games, that take place in the water! From monsters of the deep, to frogs hopping onto wins in a pond, there’s something for everyone in Pragmatic Play’s immersive portfolio of games – and we’ve got the details for you! 

  • Queen of Atlantis Demo Slot – As you make your way to the fun happening beneath the ocean’s surface, the head of the Royal house of Atlantis would like to greet you with a round of spins on her 5-reel video slot! Showing you around her majestic kingdom, where she’s got the power to bring players 1024 ways to win for those treasures waiting to be won of up to 4608x! To help players get the mega wins this slot has to offer, the Queen has ensured that a Free Spins, Super Free Spins and Second Chance Bonus round be added to the games in her underwater world – so players brave enough to enter have a chance at leaving with royal payouts when they’re ready! We know scuba-diving might not be for everyone, so keep these details in mind when you enter the water, so you know exactly how to win with this amazing slot! 
    • 5×4 Grid Reel 
    • 1024 Ways to Win 
    • 4608x Maximum Award 
    • Second Chance Bonus, Super Free Spins, and Free Spins Round 
  • Wild Depths Demo Slot – After leaving the safety of the Kingdom of Atlantis, you’ll need to make your way down to a deeper part of the ocean for this exciting online slot! Set on a 5×4 grid reel, framed in gold with the cutest Fish on the reels, this slot comes with 40 paylines and a 5000x Max Win to help increase your playing balance tank to push on through to the next celebration! With beautiful scenery in the multicoloured corals this slot is set in, you can win big with the Roaming Wilds and Free Spins Feature this game comes with! Make sure you’re clued up on the game’s features though, because the adorable fish and spectacular scenery – which includes a saxophone-playing gold fish – will have you focussed on winning on the reels in this underwater slot! 
    • 5×4 Grid Reel 
    • 40 Paylines 
    • 5000x Maximum Award 
    • Roaming Wilds and Free Spins Round 
  • Release the Kraken Demo Slot – After swimming around with the tiny fish in the previous slot, you’ll notice a shipwreck waiting to be discovered in this slot – which comes with a whopping 5 bonus features! Set on 5-reels with 20 paylines, this slot has sharks, baby turtles, fish, and the fearsome Kraken on the reels, with its scary-looking tentacles holding onto the bonus symbols! Trigger any of the bonus rounds and you could swim away from this relic with 10 000x as a maximum award! We know you might be a bit weary of entering the shipwreck, so keep these details on hand, so you know exactly what to look for when playing the reels: 
    • 5×4 Grid Reel 
    • 20 Paylines 
    • 10 000x Maximum Award 
    • Free Spins, Bonus Buy, Roaming Wilds, Random Spin, Sunken Treasure Features! 
  • Release the Kraken 2 Demo Slot – As you swim back towards the surface this fantastic slot comes into view – and because everyone is celebrating World Water Day, Pragmatic Play managed to get the help of more fish on the reels for this sequel! With Puffer Fish, Anglerfish, and Eels on the 5-reels of this slot! With so much to look forward to seeing in the nooks of the coral reef, watch out for the Kraken that can land on the reels to trigger the Free Spins round which could get you a max win of up to 5000x! It seems that the Kraken is just misunderstood and all it wants to do is bring brave players wins in to commemorate world water day – so remember these details about the slot so that you can work together to bag the wins of this slot: 
    • 5×4 Grid Reel 
    • 20 Paylines 
    • 5000x Maximum Award 
    • Free Spins, Wild Respin, Shifting Stacked Wilds, Guaranteed Win! 
  • Wild Hop & Drop Demo Slot – Now that you’re back on land, and excited at the gameplay you’ve had with the fantastic Pragmatic Play slots in the ocean, the forest is calling where a magical pond is overflowing with wins of up to 5000x your total bet! Wild Hop & Drop is set on a 6-reel slot in the middle of the azure-coloured pond, where frogs come to share their magic! With 20 paylines and a Free Spins round on the cards with this slot, have fun in the water with the adorable frogs jumping into the juicy wins on offer with this release! Before you start hopping around though, keep these details handy so you know exactly what to do when you start spinning the reels: 
    • 6×6 Grid Reel 
    • 20 Paylines 
    • 5000x Maximum Award 
    • Free Spins Round 

With so many slots ready to celebrate the events of the day, you can try your luck at the fantastic bonus rounds and gameplay on offer – and without getting wet! From the Queen of Atlantis welcoming you to her royal kingdom, to the fearless challenges set up by the Kraken, chances for players to have a blast are pretty high! Or if being on land is more your thing, head on into the forest where wins of up to 5000x could be yours with the frogs keeping you company! Either way, celebrate World Water Day with us and enjoy the wins that flow from these brilliant Pragmatic Play water-themed slots!