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Free Slot Tournament of the Month at Social Tournaments

If you’ve been with us for some time, or even from the very beginning, you already know that we always like to spoil our players with all sorts of features and perks. In our tournament slot library, one stands out in particular – the grand slot tournament that lasts one month – think of it as the Mother of Tournaments. 

The Tournament of the Month takes a different slot every month and puts it into the spotlight. The beauty of it is that you, our players, can vote the slot you want to play on our Discord. The voting usually starts one week before the tournament starts, and all our community is welcome to vote! 

In terms of prizes, there’s an €8,000 prize pool divided between the first 450 players. With so many positions up for grabs on the leaderboard, your chances of getting a spot on the podium are pretty high. Here’re the prizes: 

  • 1st Place – €300 + Lootbox 
  • 2nd Place – €250 + Lootbox 
  • 3rd Place – €200 + Lootbox 
  • 4th Place – €175 + Lootbox 
  • 5th Place – €150 + Lootbox 
  • 6 – 10 – €125 + Lootbox 
  • 11 – 20 – €60 + Lootbox 
  • 21 – 40 – €30 + Lootbox 
  • 41 – 140 – €20 + Lootbox 
  • 141 – 450 – €10 + Lootbox 

This slot tournament online runs between the 16th of the month, 00:00 UTC, until the 15th of the next month, 23:59:59 UTC. To join it, you’ll need a Golden Ticket that can be awarded in one of the following ways: 

  • Golden Ticket Tournaments – these are tournaments where the prizes are (you guessed it!) Golden Tickets. We’re holding 4x Golden Ticket Tournaments every day, so there are many chances to get one 
  • Lootboxes – some lootboxes hide Golden Tickets 
  • Prize Wheels – if you’re lucky enough, the Wheel will stop at a Golden Ticket slice 
  • Social Pass – for every 10th level reached, you will be awarded a Golden Ticket 
  • Social Tournaments Store – if you think the options above are a lot of work, you can simply purchase a Golden Ticket from the Store – it’s 1250 Coins 

Another thing that sets the Tournament of the Month apart from most of the other tournaments is the fact that it is sponsored by one of our casinos. The tournament’s details such as the prize pool, end date, and sponsoring casino are displayed clearly on the homepage, right below your stats. 

This month’s tournament has already started with Magician’s Secrets slot, boasting a €8,000 prize pool. You still have 15 days to join, so buckle in – a spinning ride full of winning thrills is about to begin!