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Madame Destiny Wins the Factions Competition in Season 14! 

When a new season starts at Social Tournaments, it usually brings along a bunch of surprises and features. However, there are a few things that happen every season without fail, and one of them is the reset of Factions. This means that there’s a winner Faction every season, making its members richer in coins!  

Joining a Faction – How to do it & Why 

We added the Factions a few seasons ago to provide an extra social note to our players, giving them a place, where they could win points while also feeling part of a community!  

Joining a Faction is as easy as it comes – all you need to do is log into your Social Tournaments account. At the start of the season, when you log in for the first time, the Faction Wheel will pop on your screen, spinning to reveal the Faction you’ll be part of. If you missed the wheel, don’t worry, you can always go to your User Profile and join a faction from there. Factions are active throughout the season, meaning that once you’re in a Faction, you can’t change it during the season.  

What’s more, at the end of the season, there’s a pot of coins for each of the three Factions that goes directly into the player’s pocket! As the season progresses, your activity will be reflected in your faction’s points – every player contributes a little something for the good of the faction. So, when the season ends, one Faction is declared winner based on the number of points accumulated. This way, the members of the winning faction leave with 50,000 coins each, while the ones in the second place win 25,000 coins. Last but not least, members of the Bronze Faction go home with 10,000 coins each. 

Season 14 Winning Faction – Madame Destiny 

Since season 10, when the factions championship first started, Madame Destiny has never won until now! Zeus and John Hunter have always been one step ahead of Madame Destiny, but now it’s time for the clairvoyant to make up for the losses and hit #1 place! With over 154,000 points, the Madame Destiny Faction is crowned the winner Faction in Season 14! 

Be on the lookout for the Faction Wheel and start collecting points for your faction! Each slot tournament played contributed to the points pot, so go ahead and make every tournament count!